About DF

Divine Flame is the work of Andrew Gruner, a Christian artist living near Seattle. I strive to bring creativity, relevance, and authenticity to faith expression.

The Goal

My desire is to engage today's culture with the timeless power of Christian symbols and imagery. I would like to see modern Christianity stand on its own instead of mimicking pop culture.

The Logo

The Divine Flame logo symbolizes the Holy Spirit. New Testament depictions of the Holy Spirit include the dove that descended on Jesus at his baptism as well as the small flames that came to rest over the heads of the disciples at Pentecost. The logo attempts to tie these elements together, showing the dove in the shape of a flame.


This website and all designs, artwork, and illustration are protected by copyright. Please don't reproduce these works without permission. However, I usually give permission to non-profit organizations. Contact me for such requests.


Divine Flame is made on a Mac.

I use Site5 for web hosting because they're a great host and one of the few big hosting companies that doesn't also host adult sites. I highly recommend them.