Free Books

Anyone not as fortunate as I am to own Seattle's largest book collection may want to check out these resources for free books.

Project Gutenberg

Project Gutenberg is the largest repository of downloadable ebooks, all in the public domain. Anything from The Notebooks of Leonardo Da Vinci to Alice in Wonderland as well as several translations of the Bible.


If reading lots of text on a screen isn't your thing, BookMooch is a site for trading dead tree books with other people through the mail. You get points for adding books that you'd like to give away. Then you can use those points to get books from other people. You can create a wish list and the site will notify you when someone has added a book you're looking for.

I've traded about six books so far. The only cost is in shipping a book to someone else, but the Post Office has a special 'book rate' that amounts to about $2 a book. It's a much better deal than you'd get at most used book stores.

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